New Location

Veterinary Emergency Hospital Arlington, TX

*The Veterinary Emergency Hospital Arlington is a Veterinary Urgent Care facility located directly off of South Cooper in Arlington, TX

  • Location: 5300 S. Cooper St., Suite 100
  • Hours (Tentative): 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Contact: 469-846-8588
  • Opening: February 1, 2024
  • Online Portal 

We offer urgent care services to companion animals with a range of in-house diagnostics and imaging, including blood work, digital radiology, and ultrasound. We provide out-patient care and minor surgery for patients in need who are unable to see their regular veterinarians. We also work closely with our sister hospital, the Veterinary Emergency Hospital of Midlothian, a full services emergency and critical care facility, to delegate patients that need more advanced diagnostics, critical care, and hospitalization, to seamlessly receive care there. We are staffed with emergency trained veterinarians well as valuable trained support staff to help make those decisions for urgent vs emergency care needs.

Our goal is to provide outstanding medicine, while working closely with your primary veterinarian to ensure uninterrupted follow up care for your furry family members. We hope that every pet parent leaves the facility confident that top quality care is being provided to their loved ones and that their family veterinarian has been kept in the loop for the entire process.