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Blood Work

In-house blood work and urine tests

Including CBC, chemistries, blood gas, thyroid, cortisol, drug screens, & an array of SNAP tests for various diseases.


Digital radiology

Imaging of bones, chest, and abdomen


Imaging of the esophagus and stomach to retrieve some foreign bodies and capable of taking biopsies


Snyder ICU oxygen cage

Provides oxygen, temperature & humidity control, & CO2 monitoring used for animals with respiratory


Provides oxygen, temperature & humidity control used for animals with respiratory and cardiac disease and for newborn animals

Fluid therapy

Pumps used to administer IV fluids, transfusions, and other medications

Hi-Flo O2

Provided oxygen at a high rate while controlling temperature and humidity for patients with respiratory diseases

Oxygen Variations and Hookups

Isolation ward

Used to isolate animals for treatment that have infectious diseases such as parvo


Packed red blood cells, plasma, albumin, vetstarch, antivenin, transfusions


Monitor patients vitals when in critical condition and/or recovering from anesthesia

Digital whiteboard patient sheet

Patient treatment orders that can be accessed remotely and allow for accurate and prompt patient care



Allows for sutureless ligation of vessels without suture and decreased surgery time


Allows for surgical procedures with reduced bleeding and decreased surgery time

Advanced Heat Support

Intra-op heat support of patients

Patient monitoring

Used to monitor a patient’s ECG (EKG), blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, SpO2, EtCO2, etc during surgery

Cold laser therapy

Allows light energy to reach target tissue and results in decreased inflammation, decreased pain, and accelerated healing.

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